The first female led EV infrastructure company in Canada.

Get an EV charger installed for free in your apartment’s private parking space

Free installation & device for current EV owners

Reduced installation costs for everyone else

Reimbursing strata for electricity cost on behalf of user

Working with registered & reputable electricians

Working directly with strata, saving you time on time consuming


Being able to charge at home is a major concern for current or future EV-owners.


EVgals solves this problem by offering:

EVgals business model is a friendlier version of your cellphone provider, in that you get a free charging infrastructure installed (aka free phone) but instead of paying fixed monthly fees, you only pay for your usage per month.

Installation is entirely free for eligible owners, and you have to pay maximum of $0.50 per hour while your electric vehicle is actively charging, in the rare case that your electric vehicle is not getting charged for a minimum of 45 min a day (20hours per month) some other conditions may apply.

Note: The $0.50/hour already includes the cost of electricity consumed by your electric vehicle which EVgals will reimburse to your strata on your behalf.

The $0.50 per hour is a quarter of the hourly rate of public Level 2 chargers or less than half if you compare the kWh. As a reference, City of Vancouver EV chargers are $2/hour with restrictions on charging time. City of Coquitlam EV charger rates are set to $1/hour for the first two hours and $5/hour afterwards.

EV charger installation is a complex process involving many parties and infrastructures, bylaws, electricians, strata councils, electricity payments and management, just to name a few!  EVgals are the experts in taking care of these so you can JUST CHARGE! 

EVgals is proud to operate by using government funding available and is honored have the support of some of the most influential investors in the EV/environmental sector. 


Plugzio is the product that we use to track energy consumption and handle payments. Their exceptional product and customer support was the reason we have partnered with them.



When thinking of charging your electric vehicle, you must only fill up what you have used during the day not the whole battery, as often falsely advertised by big corporations to make you pay ridiculous amount of money for chargers.


EVgals is the first female lead EV infrastructure company in Canada. But in essence we are a bunch of EV enthusiast gals who are tired of waiting for others & government to fix the issue of EV charging and decided to tackle the issue head on and show everyone else how it's done! Our company’s mission is to provide affordable and often free charging solutions for EV drivers living in apartments.

Our Founder bought an EV in 2018 and struggled to find a convenient way to charge her EV in her apartment. After years of trying many different strategies, she found the most optimum EV charging solution for multi unit residential buildings. She decided to form a female lead company to help all other EV owners in their quest for convenient, affordable and available charging.

Our approach is simple: reduce the cost of installation to zero so everyone can pay as they go for what should be every EV owner’s right. The right to charge.

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